The benefits of digitising your marketing assets

Marketing your business is becoming increasingly complex in the modern age. Promoting your brand and keeping messaging consistent has always been a challenge, but it can now seem almost impossible with so many and varied marketing channels, and in a time of instant and constant communication. Digitising your market assets could be the solution.

Digital tools can help you to streamline, focus and control your marketing strategy, making your business more responsive, more efficient and more competitive in an increasingly tough marketplace.

Execute multiple media in one click

With digital tools, you can produce multiple types of print and online marketing materials concurrently, in virtually the same amount of time it would take you to produce one type of media. So rather than executing separate projects to create flyers, print ads and website copy, you can create all of these at the same time using software tailor-made to maximise effectiveness in each type of material.

This makes your production processes much more efficient, not only saving you time but also money.

Ensure consistency of message

When managing marketing and communications for your business, it is critical that you have well-developed and well defined branding and messaging, which should be reflected in everything you put out to the outside world. Digital tools make creating and maintaining a comprehensive brand and messaging strategy a whole lot easier.

Our BrandHub software, for example, allows you to determine a set of marketing materials, such as logos, banners, brochures and adverts. Having these guidelines ready to go in the system makes producing consistently branded materials a piece of cake.

Delegate tasks to your staff – without losing control

As a business owner or manager, it is critical to know how to delegate. When running a business it is literally impossible to do everything personally, especially as your business grows. However, delegating tasks to staff means risking that they may not execute it how you would. When it comes to marketing, this can mean staff producing materials which are inconsistent with branding or not in line with your messaging.

Digital marketing tools like BrandHub mean that you can delegate tasks to members of your team while making sure that your branding and messaging stays aligned. BrandHub has been developed so that it can only create resources which fit within the guidelines you have set – it is virtually impossible for staff to go off message!

Streamline printing and ordering processes

Digital assets can also be connected to printing and ordering systems – making a seamless process from creating marketing materials to having them materialise! BrandHub has a function that lets you order directly with Aquatint: speeding up ordering times and cutting double-handling.

For more information on BrandHub and how you can use it to digitise your marketing strategy click here.