”Hop to it” – The Elvetham, Hampshire – Easter Marketing Campaign 2018


Throughout 2017 Aquatint have designed and printed several Marketing campaigns for the Elvetham Hampshire. Each campaign consisting of a number of items including: A6 cards, email footers and social media banners. The campaigns run seasonally or on significant holidays, to promote meetings and events offered within the venue. Campaigns of 2017 included ‘We Rock Summer”, ”Try us for size” (Autumn), and the first campaign of 2018 is to be ”Hop to it” (Easter 2018)

The Brief

This Easter campaign is to continue the fun and engaging style that has been developed over previous campaigns. The title is “Hop to it” and the campaign is to be supported by other activities within the venue; including pogo sticks, baskets of eggs, and a supporting social media presence to include further photographs of people enjoying Easter at the Elvetham.

A key part of the brief is to present the fun side of having meetings and events at the Elvetham by creating designs that move away from a heavy corporate style. The designs are to better reflect the positive feedback The Elvetham receive when running these meetings and events.

The Solution

Throughout the previous campaigns Aquatint have applied an illustration style to help reflect fun and energy. The style maintains a professional feeling, whist moving towards animation, keeping the campaigns light, engaging and eye-catching.

On receiving campaign copy, we initially look for illustrations that can be used to reflect the style required. Should these not be available we involve illustrators to help get exactly the feeling we we are looking for.

Once the A6 card design has been signed off, we adapt the designs to provide email footers and social media headers.


Aquatint also print the A6 cards which will be delivered to the Elvetham this week. It is a pleasure to work with Sam and his team on these campaigns, who provided the following testimonial about the work.

“Paul and the creative team at Aquatint have been great in adding some creative fun to our corporate campaigns and have managed to deliver a series of fun and original designs that help us to stand out from the competition.”