Big Yellow Using Brand Hub

In July 2017 Aquatint have just completed the upgrade to the Web to Print system for Big Yellow.

Big Yellow have been using Aquatint brand hub (web to print) for a number of years, and this body of work involved transferring products and the portal over to a completely new system. The new system allows individual stores to see and order their products directly, has a sophisticated approval process, and each store can create and order variable products directly via the portal.

With a large range of products available, and the addition of many new stores since Aquatint first built the original Web to print service; this has been a significant upgrade, and has resulted in a very user friendly and simple to use Web to print system.

Original Brief

To enable area managers to personalise and order Point of Sale and marketing materials for localised marketing to be able to engage and focus on local markets.


We built a web to print platform that allowed the managers to order directly from a variety templates that could be personalised to their specific needs for any of their 88 branches. We further developed the system to allow them to produce print adverts again aimed at the local market


The area managers can react rapidly to local events. Central marketing have seen a reduction in administrative costs and saving of time. They are also satisfied that the extremely strong Big Yellow brand is not being misrepresented with local interpretation.