Handel + Hendrix Lightbox


Handel & Hendrix in London wanted to update their What’s On’ information board, which is displayed within a framed light box on the outside wall of the museum.
The old version of ‘What’s On’ was black & white and didn’t have the desired effect when backlight and so they asked us to design and produce a full colour version which would benefit from a backlit presentation.


We were supplied images of both Handel & Hendrix from the client, along with the ‘What’s On’ information. We designed and laid everything out in position for the light box frame.
As it had to be in a controlled backlit environment, we printed it on Duotrans so as the light hits the image, the Duotrans material diffuses it evenly throughout the entire display giving an impressive eye catching presentation.


The project was delivered on time, within budget and achieved the desired effect.
Resulting in a stunning backlit presentation on the outside wall of the museum. Many visitors give a special mention to this display as they enter the museum.


Positive feedback from the client with the Marketing Manager passing this testimonial on to us, not just as a result from this work but as a valued supplier over the years.

Sean’s Feedback

”Aquatint are our go-to suppliers for all the museum’s printing needs – leaflets, posters, events brochures etc. and in my time they have always done everything on time, to budget and with the kind of personal service that’s hard to come by.”

”They have the expertise to know exactly how a design should be printed and aren’t afraid to tell you!”

”We’ve also recently started to use Aquatint for some of our graphic design work and despite the tight deadlines we’ve thrown their way, the work has turned out great and we’ve had some really positive feedback from visitors.”

Keep up the good work!