Fulfilment + Mailing

Direct mail that connects

Fulfilment + Mailing

Getting the right message to your customer at the right time requires precision, whether that is through a personalised mailing or our fulfilment services. We’ll make sure your campaign delivers.

If you are looking for an agency to develop and deliver your mailing campaign, or for the fulfilment of customer enquiries or despatching your materials to regional offices – we can help.

Mailing Services

Direct mail cuts through the digital clutter. Only 8.5 pieces of direct mail land on the average person’s doormat each week.1 Most of us receive more emails in an hour.

Whether you have a regular direct mailing campaign or need a one-off personalised project, we’ll look after every detail, and help your message deliver to your target audience.

If you suspect that direct mail is just for targeting older customers, think again: 15 to 24 year olds are more likely to open direct mail than their parents.2

Personalisation will boost open rates and increase return and when used alongside digital will extend the life of your campaigns.

Our fully automated mailing service means that you can send out volumes at precisely the right time in your marketing campaign, and we can negotiate great postage rates too. Or we can provide skilled hand assembly and packing for unusual items to grab attention.

We can also tie in digital campaigns to complement your mailings – to provide a multichannel experience for your audience.

Read why Harley Medical Group use our direct mailing service to bring a personal message to their customers.


Our fulfilment service helps you manage responses to your in-bound or out-bound marketing campaigns. Let us be an extension of your service – sending out a tailored direct mail piece following contact from your potential/customer.

We can also fulfil orders to regional offices or customers in different locations. If you want to take it further, learn more about our Brand Hub service.