Cameron and Wilding Website

The Brief

The brief was to design a new company website for Cameron and Wilding and to review the brand mark on the existing site. Cameron and Wilding’s business model is structured around innovation, process and delivery and these three core sections had to be maintained throughout the presentation of the business, services and offering. The goal of the new website was to take the company forward and to help attract new work, particularly as Cameron and Wilding are looking to increase the website design area of the business. Our aesthetic objective was primarily to create a strong, contemporary look and highlight the progressive design capabilities that Cameron and Wilding now offer.


Keeping the design structure simple was crucial, with strong use of diagonals playing a central role in the initial engagement of the site. The key sections on the homepage are designed to display concise pieces of information, creating a desire to find out more, whilst subtly leading the site user on a journey through the key benefits of working with Cameron and Wilding.

A colour palette of vibrant blue, green and black highlights key visual areas and provides a structure for navigating the site. The choice, and use of, these colours establishes a contemporary and progressively designed website and is supported by secondary colours drawn from key elements that appear on other specific pages.

The use of a parallax between the diagonals and subtle finishes – such as the rollovers and image background behind the menu – add to the impact of the colours and structure. Finally, we updated the logo mark to a more contemporary and stylised theme, in keeping with the overall look and feel of the new website.

It has been a pleasure working with Cameron and Wilding on this project and creating and effective and intuitive user experience for their clients and potential customers. Coding / development of the site was completed by Cameron and Wilding using Drupal 8 content management system.