e-newsletter templates for the Petersham Hotel

E-newsletter design is a common problem with many companies. This is because a lot of email engines are built using old technology and when you mix this with todays new technology + retina screens + devices; you get a minefield of continual testing and seeing how your information displays.

The brief

  • Aquatint have been working closely with the Petersham Hotel in producing many items in line with their new brand. This requirement was for 3 x new Enewsletter templates that could be sent to 3 types of visitor to the hotel. The sectors were Restaurant, Events and Meetings
  • The templates needed to be connected in style but to reflect the new identity of the Petersham.
  • The content areas needed to be enaging, informative and provide simple expalnation about the services offered.
  • A modular template where information could be removed and amended each month to feel like a new template.
  • A bespoke build template that could work seamlessly in mailchimp or campaign monitor and accross all browsers
  • The templates needed to be fully responsive accross all browsers and devices

What we did

  • The design team came up with a core design that could be relevant to all 3 departments.
  • The template was designed into modular sections that could be duplicated and moved around to create the feel of multiple templates.
  • We mocked up each of the newsletters with relevant content to show how each could be modified and presented.
  • We designed with mobile and tablet devices in mind, so that each presents seamlessly accross the devices
  • The code was modified to enable images to produce as they should on retina screens.
  • We looked at the Outlook 2007 - 2010 issues that are well known for being troublesome in displaying design and graphical elements.
  • In line with the brief, Mailchimp was chosen and the templates were loaded and configured directly into the Peterham mailchimp account.

The Result

The 3 templates have been designed specifically for the Petersham Hotel.
By building these elements outside of mailchimp, it has allowed much more flexibility in the design; whilst still enabling us to control the content inside the mailchimp environment.

The issues of display common to Outlook 2007 - 2010 have been catered for and the quality of image display has been enhanced to work across all devices and include retina displays.

e-newsletter templates for the Petersham Hotel

What We Did:
  • Design / Development / Mailchimp Integration / E-newsletter
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