2nd August 2017 / Digital, Print Posted by Paul Ovenden

Web to print portals – upgrade your business today

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If you could achieve one change in your business this year what would it be? More cost effective processes? A more consistent approach to branding? More efficient collateral management? If you’re keen to see better results across any of these then a web to print portal could be the solution you’ve been looking for.  

 What is a web to print portal?

In simple terms, it is an online order centre that enables you to streamline orders, control access to assets and generally handle the process of ordering branded and marketing materials in a more efficient and organised way. Aquatint’s Brand Hub is a prime example of a web to print portal that has produced measurable results for clients, from Big Yellow through to Picturehouse Cinemas. It has been designed in collaboration with our clients to help you save resources, control branding and optimise your time.

 What are the benefits of a web to print portal?

 More of our clients now use the Aquatint Brand Hub and there are some very good reasons for this.

 Branding consistency

The centralised nature of Brand Hub enables you to delegate but keep control of branded assets and to ensure that they are consistent and aligned with brand messages. It provides a single perspective that is invaluable when it comes to review of existing branding work and making decisions about next steps.

 Process efficiency – 24/7

Key information can be stored in Brand Hub so that production isn’t held up by the need to provide data for business cards or to get stationary typeset. All the requirements are already stored within the web to print portal and can be dropped into a product quickly and in one single step. The portal is accessible 24/7 so orders can be placed, or information accessed, at whatever time of the night or day is the most convenient.

Reducing overheads and collateral management costs

A web to print system can make your marketing collateral much easier to manage so that you’re not over ordering for fear of lack of availability and then paying unnecessary costs as a result. Use a web to print system so that you can order as and when required and you don’t have to stockpile. You can free up staff to work on other key business functions by automating the process of collateral management via a system such as Brand Hub and cut the cost of your overheads by coordinating spend with demand/need.

 Controlling access and approvals

Brand Hub allows ordering and re-ordering from any part of your business with restrictions to ensure resource use within defined guidelines. So, for example, approval can be required for certain products or volumes and branding consistently controlled. Where a business has a large number of different outlets this kind of management can be essential in creating a strong and well-handled brand. Aquatint clients Big Yellow, for example, have 83 stores around the country. Thanks to the Brand Hub, each store only sees the information and opportunities relevant to it and there is centralised control and perspective for management too.

 Accommodating a broad selection of products

A web to print portal provides for management of a very wide range of different marketing materials. From comp slips and business cards, to signage, adverts and posters, any designed products can be effectively managed this way. If you’re using a portal like the Aquatint Brand Hub then you’re not necessarily restricted to printed items either - it can be used to manage just about any of your marketing assets.

Brand Hub is something we have been perfecting for many years at Aquatint, so as to offer an innovative solution to your web to print needs. Already delivering efficiencies for a large number of our clients, including John Charcoal, Big Yellow, Picturehouse Cinemas and Harley Street Medical, it represents the future of optimised web to print management – and an opportunity for our clients to make positive business change. Get in touch to find out more.