18th February 2020 / Digital, Print Posted by Laurence Irvine

Carbon Captured Paper

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At Aquatint, we’re constantly looking for ways that we can be more eco-conscious, there’s lots of sustainable initiatives that we’ve phased in over the past year or so, and part of that journey towards becoming a more sustainable business has been to look at what sustainable and/or recycled materials we can use in our offer to customers.

In our blog last month, we spoke about 8 of these changes which predominately focused on the promotional merchandising side of the business; that’s great but it totally ignored what is definitely the mainstay of what we do every day, and that is print.

By printing on Carbon Capture Paper we hope to correct that and offer a sustainable and eco-friendly print option for all our digital and litho print customers – here’s the how and why:

Print, Paper and the Environment

We should probably begin by dispelling the widely held belief that the print and paper industries are bad for the environment; as a whole, they are among the most sustainable industries in the UK & Europe. 

By its very nature, the paper industry depends on sustainable forest management to provide a reliable supply of wood fibre for its products.  90% of the wood fibre supplied to UK & European paper mills comes from European forestry which has been growing by an area equivalent to 1,500 football pitches every day [Source: FAO, 2005 – 2015].

That, coupled with the fact that paper as we know it, generally has a high recycled content: 46% of the fibre used by the European paper industry comes from new wood-pulp and 54% from paper for recycling [Source: CEPI, Key Statistics, 2016].  All of which mean that choosing print and paper can still be an ecologically sound decision.

What is Carbon Capture Paper?

The print and paper industry accounts for just 1% of the total carbon emissions in the whole of the UK and Europe [Source: Eurostat 2016], and whereas 1% doesn’t feel too bad it definitely shouldn’t be ignored. That’s where Carbon Capture comes in.

As an approved supplier of Carbon Captured paper, the carbon emissions created in the paper making process are measured and converted to a monetary value.  We then make a donation of that value to the Woodland Trust.  They in turn then use that money to plant new, native, UK woodland which will act as a carbon sink, capturing the equivalent amount of CO2 emissions. 


Find Out More

Our London based account management team are on hand to answer any questions you may have about Carbon Capture and can advise on the recyclability and recycled content of any of the papers we have available for digital and litho print http://www.aquatint.co.uk/contact-us