11th April 2016 / Marketing Posted by Abby Wright-Parkes

Are you using WhatsApp for your business?

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WhatsApp is a social messaging service that is growing in popularity. It has been around for several years but really made a name for itself when Facebook bought it in 2014. Now it has 1 billion users and it is growing. But is it just for kids who want to share memes or gossip with their friends? No, WhatsApp is can be a great tool for your business too.

Benefits of WhatsApp

The first one, which is probably most important to a lot of people, is that it is completely free. When they did charge, it was still only $0.99 per year. However, they have now done away with the subscription and it is completely free for all.

Statistics show that a text message is going to have a much quicker impact than an email. Research shows that the average text message is received and read within just 90 seconds compared to that of the average email, which is replied to within 90 minutes. Therefore, a social messaging system like WhatsApp can help you spread the word much quicker.

You can share any sort of media on WhatsApp, whether it be images, videos or audio files. They can be sent within the touch of a button, free of charge, and to groups of people if you wish.

How WhatsApp can benefit your business

So can WhatsApp be of use to your business? Yes it can be, in different ways:

  • You can use it to provide instant support for your customers. You can give out your WhatsApp number (which can even be different from your regular phone number) and provide instant customer service. You will have much faster customer communication and they will get real-time support.
  • It is also great to communicate with your internal staff team as a whole. Groups (of up to 100) can be created of various teams – you can group them according to department too, e.g. a WhatsApp group for your marketing team and then one for your accounts department. You can then manage them as a whole and communicate with them all much faster, rather than waiting for group emails to go back and forth.
  • If you have a database of customer numbers, you can start using WhatsApp for promotions and marketing. You can send out visual media to help promote a product or service and see instant results. You can tell which customers have read the message and so you know who to focus on. You can also ask them for feedback on services or content, and they are more likely to reply on WhatsApp as it takes so little time. You do need consent to communicate with these contacts, so it makes sense to communicate to your customers and those that know you. Unsolicited WhatsApp messages could result in you being banned from using it.

Will you be giving WhatsApp a try?