10th April 2016 / Marketing Posted by Abby Wright-Parkes

5 point check-list for your next integrated marketing campaign

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An integrated marketing campaign means you have more chance of reaching your audience across different channels. We know from working with our customers that integrated campaigns reap rewards in terms of reach and ROI.

Here is our check-list for your next campaign

  1. Know your audience
    Not all customers/potential customers are the same, so building a profile of the different types of audience you want to reach is a good place to start. This could be as detailed as buyer/service user personas, or if you cannot do that then you could create simpler profiles based on data segments like age or location, or on activities like purchase history
  2. Define your message
    At the core of your campaign needs to be a key message. Even though you will tweak this depending on the audience and channel, essentially you are trying to communicate a main message.
  3. Step into the shoes of your audience
    Before designing your campaign, try to imagine yourself as a customer receiving your integrated marketing campaign communications: how do you feel? Would you be interested in that brand or project? In order to be successful with a marketing campaign, you need to tap into your audience’s point of view.
  4. Plan your approach
    A multichannel campaign needs a planned approach. You need to be clear on the what, where and when of your campaign. It needs to be documented with the buy-in of the relevant internal staff. If you are using suppliers to deliver some aspects, you need to ensure they are all clear on the timelines and details too.
  5. Get your analytics ready
    In order to review how your campaign is performing and whether you need to improve on it, you will need to ensure that you have all the proper analytics in place across all channels. This will track both the good and bad areas of your campaign, allowing you to make tweaks and adjust accordingly.

We hope this check-list helps. When will you carry out your next integrated marketing campaign?