About Us

We started life in the pre-digital age and have always been about marketing communications initially with print technologies, but now we’re embracing the many channels available. Design and creativity has always led the way and today we have more choice of channels to route your marketing message. We constantly look for new ideas and methods to keep our approach as fresh as possible and so have always been early adopters of new technologies, being one of the first studios to use the new Apple Macintosh computers in the early 80s; one of the first printers to come out of the dark room and adopt new Computer to Plate technology; we installed our first colour digital press in 1993 and now our web developers are pushing on with the migration from Content Management System (CMS) to Content as a Service (CaaS).

All the technical details about our design, digital and print work are elsewhere on the site but the two most important things to talk about here are our clients and our staff. We seem to have “stickability” with our clients, as our top 25 customers have been with us for over a decade each. We value our relationships with our clients and like to think that we work “with” them rather than “for” them, only a subtlety but one that makes all the difference. Working this way requires a different approach from our staff and a challenge they happily rise to. We think our team are special and so ensure that training is not skimped on to ensure they are all the best they can be. We recently undertook customer service training for all members of staff from directors to shop floor staff, and are pleased to say they all qualified with an NVQ certificate each to prove it.

We are proud of the quality of our work and how we run our organisation, so we invest in meeting the ISO14001 standard for environmental management and the ISO9001 standard for quality management. We are also members of the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) and we are a corporate partner of CharityComms, the membership organisation for charity marketing professionals; as a lot of our clients are members.